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How do I get KalkKind products?

You are interested in KalkKind products or you are looking for a trained KalkKind specialist then do not hesitate and contact us. We will be happy to help you.

KalkKind products

It's high time for KalkKind

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The people behind the product make the difference for me! Honest and close.

KalkKind Fachbetrieb Foto Marcus Spohn
Marcus Spohn
Design painter

Best natural protection against mold

• Purely mineral - no breeding ground for mold
• Humidity regulating
• High water absorption capacity
• Fast re-drying
• High pH of 12.6

No titanium dioxide
without plastic &
emission free

• Free of plastic
• Free from chemical additives
• KalkKind products do not release any emissions
• Sustainable, permanent walls and ceilings

Help for allergy sufferers with fair indoor spaces

• Reduces germs and bacteria indoors
• Purely mineral - no breeding ground for mold
• High water absorption capacity
• Pleasant and comfortable room climate

Individual room design

• Dozens of structure and surface designs
• Creative and elegant surfaces
• Diverse color schemes
• With a high degree of whiteness through pastel tones to intense colors

100% natural raw materials

• Indication of all ingredients
• 100% full declaration
• Controlled, declared raw materials
• Lime and marble sand from Germany
• Production in Germany

Reduces pollutants & removes odors

• Risk substances and pollutants in the air are reduced
• Ideal for cleaning up pollutants
• Neutralizes odors from the room air