KalkKind benefits

Healthy and creative spaces with KalkKind

100% natural raw materials

Free of plastic and chemical additives.
KalkKind products do not release any emissions.
Sustainably healthy walls and ceilings.
Details of all ingredients down to the last crumb.

Best protection against mold

Purely mineral - no breeding ground for mold.
Reduces germs and bacteria in the room air.
Moisture regulating and quick re-drying.
Ensures a pleasant, comfortable room climate.

Creative interior design

Dozens of structure and surface designs.
Creative and elegant surfaces.
Diverse color design.
With a high degree of whiteness through pastel tones to intense colors.

Do something good for you and the environment ...

With KalkKind you live well!

Indoor air quality

100% natural raw materials

All KalkKind products are made from natural, mineral and vegetable raw materials. We believe that you should have the right to know what substances you are bringing into your home. All of our ingredients come from controlled and declared raw materials from Germany.

Best protection against mold

Anyone who wants to keep mold away from their four walls safely and in a health-friendly way must ensure that they are permanently deprived of their livelihood. Our sump lime is perfect as a purely mineral product because it does not provide any breeding ground for mold. Schimm

Reduces pollutants & odors

Volatile hazardous substances and pollutants from existing components are reduced from the air we breathe. Pure lime is ideal for cleaning up pollutants. In addition, it neutralizes odors from the room air and ensures a comfortable room climate.

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Environmentally friendly

Premium products without releasing emissions

Purest lime products without plastics and without harmful substances. Our products do not release any emissions. In doing so, you ensure sustainable, healthy walls and ceilings in your home. With KalkKind you live healthy and at the same time you participate in an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional building materials.

Free of substances based on petroleum

KalkKind sump lime is a purely mineral product that does not contain any chemical additives or plastics. In conventional products in the construction industry, harmful additives based on petroleum are commonplace. At KalkKind it’s different! Our products are pure nature, or rather pure lime! Interior design meets sustainability.

Made in Germany

Our raw materials come from limestone and marble sands from Germany. The sump lime is produced in the KalkKind factory in Oestrich-Winkel in the Rheingau. We use the purest limestone from Germany. The limestone quarry is one of the purest limestone deposits in Europe. This enables us to produce lime of the highest whiteness and best quality.


Disclosure of all ingredients
Even if the legislator is the building materials industry not obliged to disclose the ingredients of their products, we do it! With the 100% full declaration, we offer our customers complete product transparency, down to the last crumb.
100% security

Today, as it was a thousand years ago, it is still traditionally handcrafted. Production takes place responsibly and regionally in Germany. Anyone who opts for our premium lime products will get what they have on the walls in writing. Our “KalkKinder”, the KalkKind specialist companies, will certify this for you!

More than 20 years of experience

Our experience and expertise ensure that the premium products of the Kalkkind brand are manufactured in the highest quality. KalkKind specialist companies are experts on the subject of healthy living thanks to high-performance lime surfaces. You are fully trained in theory and practice. These are the professionals for the competent and aesthetic use of naturally pure sump lime.