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Limestone plaster & natural lime plaster


Premium lime plaster & paint from nature!

Trust in natural products from KalkKind

Limestone plaster, natural lime plaster & paint

For more than two decades we have been using limestone plaster, lime plaster & lime paint straight from nature.

Our natural lime system consists of natural, mineral and plant-based raw materials. We are proud of what we can do with limestone. After all, we produce the pure limestone ourselves, from which we produce our unique lime plaster. As a result, the surface materials for walls and ceilings are completely emission-free and also improve the air quality in your home.

Natural lime plaster and natural lime paints from KalkKind are free of harmful substances such as titanium dioxide. In addition, the natural limestone reduces pollutants, germs and bacteria in the room’s air.

With over 20 years of experience, we ensure that the premium natural products of the KalkKind brand are manufactured in the highest quality. And still today, as it was a thousand years ago, it is handcraft. At the same time, we produce responsibly and regionally in Germany. Our natural lime plaster system can proudly say Made in Germany .

Healthy living

Live well with lime plaster!

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Indoor air quality

Healthy living is not just a trend for the particularly health-conscious. Because the quality of the air we breathe indoors affects us all. Chemical substances put a strain on our immune system and our health. KalkKind Natural Products are free of pollutants and do not release any emissions. No, they even reduce harmful substances from the room air. They also break down odors and prevent harmful mold growth.
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Environmentally friendly

Our KalkKind natural products consist exclusively of natural raw materials. Our natural lime surfaces are free from titanium dioxide, plastic and other chemical substances. In addition, we do not use solvents, preservatives or chemicals that are made from petroleum. These pollutants do not show up in our products! In addition to sustainability, our limestone comes from Germany and this is where we also produce our high-quality KalkKind products.

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We give to consumers
100% security. At the moment, the legislature does not dare to oblige the building materials industry to disclose the ingredients of their products. However, we are of the opinion that we should have the right to know what we use to build our four walls. In short, what we bring into our home. At KalkKind, the 100% full declaration of all ingredients and information on the origin of the raw materials is a matter of course. Our natural lime plasters offer 100% security thanks to transparency!

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Healthy living has a thousand faces

Pit lime surfaces from KalkKind – Mirror of your personality … Today the term “… for individual room design” is often used in advertising for paints, paints, wallpapers and surface materials. It should convince consumers that the materials are something unique to them, according to their needs, preferences, style and character. But how can mass-produced materials that still look the same even on the millionth

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Teambild KalkKind

The KalkKind

The name KalkKind is no coincidence, because out of personal concern when our children were small, we began to grapple with the effects of pollutants in the air more than 25 years ago. Pure lime gives us security.

Our vision

Rooms must not make you sick! The air we breathe is our most important food. That is why our products are free from harmful substances and even reduce harmful substances from the room air. Nature offers the best. Let’s be careful with her.

The lime

We are specialists in natural lime plaster and manufacture pure lime products from lime. This natural lime can do a lot: reducing pollutants, bacteria and germs from the room air as well as reducing odors and preventing the formation of mold.

Individual room design

Fascinating surfaces with lime plaster

Find a KalkKind specialist

The high-quality processing of pure lime plaster requires knowledge, experience and practice. Here you can find your experts for lime plaster.

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We don't get anything in the bucket that can later come out on the wall and ceiling. What we put in the buckets, we reveal to the last crumb. Consumers must have the right to know what they are getting into their four walls. The legislature would finally have to oblige the entire building materials industry to do this.

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