Becoming a KalkKind specialist

3 seminars to become a KalkKind specialist & expert in lime surfaces

KalkKind specialist are regarded as competent contacts in the field of healthy living and the use of natural lime. You stand for the KalkKind brand in the market and have theoretical and practical expertise. Therefore, participation in the training courses to qualify as a KalkKind specialist is a prerequisite.

No mass-produced goods!

The product range is not sold through retailers.

Regionally services!

End customers are serviced by KalkKind specialist in their region.

Best quality at the best prices!

KalkKind specialist are supplied at the best prices.

Complete product transparency down to the last crumb!

KalkKind specialist companies are allowed to issue their customers the Kalkkind certificate of authenticity.

Clear unique selling points for KalkKind specialist companies!

KalkKind specialist companies are network partners with a clear profile for healthy living!

Become a certified Natural lime specialist

Successful participation in the following 3 seminars meets the requirements for certification as a natural lime specialist.
Become part of the strong community of KalkKind specialist companies:

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