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Seminars for all those who have a desire for marsh lime!

If you want to have natural lime in your four walls in a perfect finish and you want to be hands-on, you should be guided and instructed. As a private individual, you have come to the right place. We are experts in the processing of sump lime and have been passing on our expertise to private or professional customers for many years.

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3 seminars on the KalkKind specialist company & expert for sump lime surfaces

Working with materials that you know what they are composed of is an experience that is not offered elsewhere. What everyone takes away from this experience will prove to be a lifelong benefit. After that, we will see four walls with different eyes and will shape them more consciously. It is our pleasure to pass on our knowledge to you. Craft techniques in the processing of marsh lime were practiced, almost everywhere on earth, for thousands of years. But unfortunately, in our time dominated by chemical building materials, these are hardly mastered. And unfortunately, this is also frighteningly true for the majority of the skilled trades. It is a matter close to our hearts that this skill and knowledge are also available to the next generations. That is why we are constantly expanding our training program. Anyone who wants to know how it works is cordially invited.

No mass-produced goods!

The professional range is not sold through retailers.

Best quality at the best prices!

KalkKind specialist companies are supplied at the best prices.

Complete product transparency down to the last crumb!

KalkKind specialist companies are allowed to issue their customers the Kalkkind certificate of authenticity.

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KalkKind specialist companies are network partners with a clear profile for healthy living!

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Successful participation in the following 3 seminars meets the requirements for certification as a natural lime specialist.
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