Find out what sump lime is: The building material of the future

Photo Carrara marble quarry

Swamp lime the natural lime … Our natural lime system consists of natural, pure plasters and paints. Our favorite is lime. Lime, and especially sump lime, has been used as a natural building material for thousands of years. In the last few decades, however, the plastic-containing, industrial products have used the traditional and natural building […]

How is the natural building material sump lime made?

Photo lime plaster preparation

The production of the all-round building material … Pit lime is a unique building material that even combines all the necessary components of a ready-to-use paint. Not only that, because KalkKind sump lime is a purely natural building material that does not require any additives! After we got here have learned where sump lime comes […]

Pit lime can be returned to the cycle of nature

Nature cycle sustainability lime plaster

Pit lime in the cycle process … Pit lime a building material of the elements. Originated from life in the water. Borrowed from the earth as limestone. When burned in a fire and extinguished with water, limestone has turned into lime. Air gives it what it needs to turn back to limestone. Simply a fascinating […]