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Find out what sump lime is: The building material of the future

Swamp lime the natural lime ...

Our natural lime system consists of natural, pure plasters and paints. Our favorite is lime. Lime, and especially sump lime, has been used as a natural building material for thousands of years. In the last few decades, however, the plastic-containing, industrial products have used the traditional and natural building material Sump lime more and more displaced.

In the course of time, the lime was almost completely forgotten. Today sump lime is again considered to be next to clay Building material of the future!

For which areas of application is slaked lime suitable?

For thousands of years, the sump lime was used in all areas of construction. Every craftsman had his own lime pit!

With the advent of industrial building materials (which contain many additional chemicals), sump lime was used almost exclusively because of its high alkalinity for disinfection in stables and for painting tree trunks against fungal attack or in the restoration of churches and listed buildings.

Today, our sump lime is used as a hygienic lime plaster, because of its effect on preventing the formation of mold and significantly improving the indoor air quality, used in all interiors .

From the basement to the roof, across all living rooms and bedrooms, and above all in the Children’s rooms .

Pit lime is a natural raw material

Pit lime is not understood to be a plaster, mortar or slab, but the substance of pit lime without any other admixtures. So not the preparations or the products that are made with the sump lime, but the raw material sump lime alone.

This is important to understand because sump lime is a very special building material:

Pit lime is the only building material that has all of the necessary component
of a ready-to-use paint.

Pit lime is a binder, pigment, filler and solvent (= the existing water) in one. Thus, all the necessary components of a paint are combined.

For the production of plaster, mortar, smoothness and natural lime colors, peat lime is used as a binding agent and for coloring, workability and adhesion. Lime will be fine since thousands of years used as a binder for natural building materials.

Where does lime occur naturally?

Pit lime doesn’t just lie around in nature. Sump lime will be out Limestone, that occurs in nature. Pit lime can only be made from limestone with a very high proportion of calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is this Sedimentary rock , which was formed over millions of years from the time when our planet was still completely covered by the oceans. Calcium carbonate are the sediment minerals from the rock-forming remains of animals and living beings such as mussels, crustaceans, corals, etc. Since the formation of the land mass and thus the continents, calcium carbonate has been found second most common mineral on our Earth before.

Due to its nature, calcium carbonate is never 100% pure. Every limestone deposit varies in its proportion of calcium carbonate. As a rule, other components of different minerals can be found. The higher the proportion of calcium carbonate, the better quality and better suited the limestone is for the production of lime.

The proportion of calcium carbonate must be at least 95% be present in the rock. In order to produce sump lime, the limestone must first be burned.

Find out more about the production of lime here.

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