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How do pit lime surfaces design healthy interiors?

Sump lime is not just sump lime. There are considerable differences in quality on the market here and some slaked lime products even work with chemical additives. The hygienic effect, durability and appearance of our lime surfaces are unsurpassed today in terms of their holistic nature.

The KalkKind pit lime system has a number of positive effects:

  • Swamp lime plasters and natural lime paint have a natural alkalinity.
  • As a result, the marsh lime surfaces have a disinfecting and antibacterial effect.
  • Our swamp lime plasters provide a balanced humidity in the room.
  • LimeKind sump lime has the property to quickly absorb moisture and just as quickly release it.
  • With its antiseptic properties, quicklime does not provide a viable environment for germs, viruses and bacteria to survive.
  • Pure sump lime plasters from KalkKind do not release any emissions that pollute the indoor air.
  • Quicklime neutralizes indoor air acids that are harmful to health.
  • It contributes to a healthy, unpolluted indoor climate.
  • Swamp lime plaster is a building material that fulfills the requirement of sustainability to a high degree.
  • Swamp lime plaster from KalkKind is a 100% purely natural building material.

Why should you have the Kalkkind products on your walls and ceilings?

Our natural lime surfaces are free from plastic, plastic and other chemical substances. We don’t include titanium dioxide. We do not use solvents, preservatives or chemicals made from petroleum.

Where there is nothing in there, nothing comes out.

That is why our surface materials are emission-free. The lime products are purely mineral. We even do without cellulose. All KalkKind products meet the requirement of a purely vegan composition.
We are honest and disclose all ingredients. You have a right to know what you are bringing into your home. That is why all components of the KalkKind products are specified down to the last crumb. The full declaration is more than a matter of course for us.

Our surfaces are not only free of harmful substances, they can also do something! These are THE room air filters for all indoor spaces.

These processes take place during diffusion, when water vapor is absorbed into the plaster layer. Some would put it simply by saying: “Then when your walls breathe”.

The sump lime surfaces constantly absorb humidity from the room air and release it again. In the process, harmful substances from the air we breathe are reduced. However, odors in the room air are also neutralized and broken down more quickly. In addition, germs and bacteria are reduced.

KalkKind surfaces are a natural protection against mold. But not only because they have a pH value of 12.6 and are therefore highly alkaline. But also because they dry out quickly once they have absorbed moisture. There are no water-retaining agents such as cellulose, water repellants or hydraulic additives. And because they consist only of minerals, there is no breeding ground for mold.

We do not simply claim all of this, but this is proven by several practical studies. Ensure the best indoor air hygiene and a pleasant, comfortable indoor climate that is also good for many allergy sufferers.
The putty lime materials are building materials that meet the requirements of sustainability and durability in the best sense of the word. This applies not only to the surfaces themselves, but also to the effect on the structure in which they are used.
The manufacture and use of building materials must not make people sick and destroy the environment and the climate.

Moisture regulating, diffusion-open surfaces & healthy breathing air

Pure, clean natural lime plasters with building materials made from clay represent the best alternative to conventional materials and paints. Nearly everyone today has the desire for moisture-regulating, vapor-permeable Surfaces that not pollute the air. Very few people know, however, that the surface of the walls and ceilings can decisively improve the quality of the air you breathe.
If you are looking for “breathing walls” and want to live healthy living, you are in safe hands with KalkKind. Our more than 25 years of experience in research, product development, production and processing of pure natural lime materials is in every bucket of slaked lime that we offer in the highest premium quality and with a good portion of passion.

Pit lime surfaces improve the indoor air quality and thus help health-sensitive people, allergy sufferers, the chronically ill and healthy people who simply want to stay fit.

The KalkKind sump lime system was developed in order to make interiors permanently mold-free via the surfaces of the walls and ceilings and to optimize indoor air hygiene. Because it has been proven that the first millimeters of the room enclosing surfaces have a decisive influence on the indoor climate, both in terms of humidity and room air hygiene.

Practical studies prove what we claim: The "KLIMABOX"

A first practical study was carried out in 2007 in a newly built timber frame house in Dannstadt-Schauernheim.

In terms of measurement technology, the practical study was enhanced by the Labor Competenza GmbH in Fürth accompanied near Nuremberg. The test samples were taken from the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH (accredited according to DIN IEC ISO 17025) analyzed. The study was supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The practical study impressively shows that the puddle lime feel-good plaster reduces risk substances in the room air. The sum of the volatile solvents could be reduced by 90% by applying the lime comfort plaster.

In 2010, these results were confirmed in a further measurement study. In a test building specially made for the study, which has the working title “KLIMABOX” For several months, it was investigated what effects the various surface coatings of natural wood, shellac, clay and the slaked lime feel-good plaster have on emitting interior pollutants.

The initiator of this measurement study was the Institute for Quality Management and Environmental Hygiene IQUH from Weikersheim. The study was funded by FNR eV – Agency for Renewable Raw Materials, project sponsor of the BMELV – Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

The project study implements the concept for future-oriented timber construction in a model test. At the end of the study, a particularly sustainable and indoor air-improving final coating was recommended to be the sump lime feel-good plaster.

E. r has the title of “best practice material” for wood and solid construction.

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