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Pit lime surfaces from KalkKind - Mirror of your personality ...

Today the term “… for individual room design” is often used in advertising for paints, paints, wallpapers and surface materials. It should convince consumers that the materials are something unique to them, according to their needs, preferences, style and character.

But how can mass-produced materials that still look the same even on the millionth square meter meet the demands of the individual for individual room design?

When we at KalkKind speak of “individual room design”, we mean it in the best sense of the term. Our limestone surfaces give your home personality. Wall and ceiling surfaces are uniquely designed according to your individual wishes, needs and preferences. These areas are the framework for your furnishing and living style.

The color effect is significantly influenced by the surface structure as well as by light and shadow. Quite different from dead plastic surfaces. Sump lime surfaces, if they have been individually designed, become part of the furnishings.

High-quality interior design with a unique look

Part of feeling good is that you can enjoy the appearance of the surfaces in your home every day and that you want to touch the walls again and again because of the pleasant feel.

When the qualified and experienced specialists from the KalkKind specialist companies show up with buckets full of clean contents and conjure up perfect surfaces on walls and ceilings, then something very special is created. Rooms with a unique charisma and healthy breathing air.

It is the craftsmen from trained specialist companies who give our lime plasters shape, structure and a unique feel with the desired color.

Whether in pleasant, soothing white or colored with colored earth, an effect of depth and dimension is created that our eyes do not recognize from conventional, dead, uniform surfaces of plastic colors.
Structures in the most varied of styles and a diverse range of colors through to intense color accents meet all the requirements of the most diverse room concepts.

Impressive structures: noble and unique thanks to the signature of the KalkKind professionals

There are those who choose KalkKind’s lime putty surfaces because of the excellent indoor air hygiene and the many positive properties of the materials and are then pleasantly surprised at how great the designed rooms look with them.

And the others who opt for KalkKind precisely because of the wonderful aesthetic interior design and then pleasantly register how well the materials in the four walls contribute to the pleasant room climate.

Our limestone creations can be designed in a wide variety of structures thanks to the individual signature of the KalkKind professionals. Do you want timeless, classic wall surfaces or do you prefer a modern, trendy living style?

The different styles can be implemented with the same materials. The friend of Mediterranean living ambience beats faster at the sight of simply designed surfaces. The natural appearance of the material is impressive in all surface structures. Whether these structures are calm and closed, smooth and noble or more rustic.

The characteristic lime shimmer creates a magic over the surfaces that beguiles the viewer and casts a spell over them. You have to feel almost magically attracted by what you see. Fascinated and curious, your hands stroke the designed walls and you are amazed at how velvety smooth, delicate, warm and comfortable this material feels.

In the overall view of the room, the surface gives the walls an aura of strength and stability, in which the user finds security and security.

Special features of the appearance of pure KalkKind pit lime surfaces

Surfaces made from pure lime, such as KalkKind’s lime plasters, are distinguished by their special appearance. If the materials are not colored with color pigments from colored earths or iron oxides, then they have a light white tone. This white is beneficial for the human eye because it can relax through the depth effect of the surfaces and the different reflections of the light. The white looks bright but never garish, as we know it from plastic-based paints and plasters.

However, if you want uniform, completely uniform surfaces that look the same regardless of the light and incidence of light, you should definitely look at larger lime surfaces on walls and ceilings before making a decision. You may be pleasantly surprised at how good your eyes are to viewing bare lime surfaces. However, it can also turn out that they are not a “lime plaster type” in terms of visual perception, which cannot be ruled out either.

Lime shimmer

Our surfaces have the classic “lime shimmer”. These are different, slight degrees of gloss that are inevitably caused by the tool guidance. Depending on the incidence of light, these are more or less evident. The lime shimmer is to be regarded as a quality feature for the degree of purity and the high proportion of sump lime in the mortar.


The appearance of rubbed surface structures is slightly cloudy. The surfaces appear “shady” depending on the incidence of light. Pit lime surfaces do not produce a uniform color image. The refraction of light in the lime structure results in a velvety image with different degrees of gloss.

Visible grain

The surfaces appear very authentic in accordance with the solid content in the material. The marble sands are
clearly recognizable according to their grading curve in the surfaces and give the plaster its unmistakable appearance.

Despite the high degree of whiteness of the lime and the marble sand, darker grains of sand are clearly visible in the surface. White marble is also naturally permeated with darker veins. So leave it
When extracting sand, dark to deep black grains of sand in the white marble sand cannot be prevented.

The dark grains of sand visible on the surface are an indication of the authenticity of the natural product and should not be regarded as a defect.

Especially the one Sump lime feel-good plaster instructs with its high proportion Vermiculite a component that determines the color image in a very distinctive way. Vermiculite stands out on the surface as pronounced boulders.
These can appear shiny golden, brownish to greenish.


Due to the fact that no synthetic additives are used in the materials, the craftsmanship of the skilled craftsman is of great importance. Even the skilled craftsman will always leave his own signature and a unique surface. A certain waviness in the execution of our natural sump lime surfaces cannot be avoided. Uniform surfaces cannot be created with it.

The look of the designed walls and ceilings with pure KalkKind
Pit lime plasters are unmistakably natural and noble
Impression shaped.

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