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KalkKind: A family-run company

From wellwall to KalkKind ...

We, the Rehberger families, are the owners of KalkKind-Manufaktur. We are driven by concerns about the climate, the environment and health. We feel obliged to the future of our children and future generations. This obligation determines our decisions and our actions.

Perhaps you still know us from wellwall and the wellwall products. We have been on the market with the wellwall natural lime system since 2004. We developed and manufactured the lime products and trained craftsmen in their use.

We have completely stopped production of the wellwall product line. The decision to stop manufacturing wellwall products was not an easy one for us, because our heart and soul flowed into wellwall for 15 years.

We stay true to ourselves: Expertise with KalkKind specialist companies

We decided to take this step because the market has changed. The desire of consumers for healthy living and at the same time individual, appealing room design is a requirement that we want to meet today.

However, we cannot live up to this claim with sales via the building materials trade or internet shops. Because our materials belong in the hands of trained and certified specialist companies. A perfect, permanent processing and competent advice can only be ensured through the experienced specialist companies. These are the KalkKind specialist companies on the market.

In a Time in Internet sales are becoming more and more important, we swim against the current. We do this because the consumer needs direct contact with the professionals if he has the claim has his to design four walls in an optimally healthy way.

The building materials trade is about selling. Individual, competent advice according to the needs and requirements of the customer is often lost. This is even less guaranteed via internet sales.

Because we stay true to our visions, we had to make decisions, even if they weren’t easy at first. But if our lime products are to ensure permanent, sustainable and healthy interiors, then this is only possible through intensive, direct and long-term cooperation with the trained, experienced and also competent KalkKind specialist companies.

We ourselves are trained building biologists and building consultants. We used to run craft businesses with a focus on healthy building and renovation. Our guideline has always been: The most important thing about a building are the people who live in it!
We advised allergy sufferers and people who suffered from chemical intolerance. Above all, however, consumers came to us who wanted to make their homes healthy for themselves and their families.

First lime plaster in-house production

Long before wellwall and KalkKind existed, more than 25 years ago, we were already working with our first in-house produced lime plaster. We used it to design walls and ceilings. The uniqueness of the resulting air quality has always impressed us. This enthusiasm continues to this day.

Over the years, we have further developed and continuously improved our lime plasters. Our claim that lime surfaces not only create healthy interiors but should also look great has always driven us.

We take our responsibility to the consumer seriously. We don’t want to sell anything that meets the requirements of the best indoor air quality, but does not appeal to the customer in retrospect.

The 25-year experience with our materials shows: Pure lime surfaces with a perfect look can only be designed by professionals with experience.

Honest products for honest craftsmanship. This is the only way for consumers who want healthy living and perfect room design to get what they really want.

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