Veiner Weissert a lime child with MALERIC LIVING IDEAS

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Veiner Weissert, based in Hossingen, Luxembourg, is known far beyond the region as an expert in healthy interiors and high-quality attractive interior design. The traditional company of the painter and plasterer handicraft belongs to the most successful enterprises of the two cooperating mark networks lime child and MALERISCHE WOHNIDEEN in Europe.

For Gil Roger, the head of Veiner Weissert, these two networks are at the cutting edge and provide the profile and know-how for successful future-oriented development.

"Beautiful is not always healthy and healthy is not always beautiful. But since I want to provide my clients with beautiful and attractive interior design that simultaneously creates excellent breathing air and relieves the immune system, the networks are the two sides of the same coin for me."

The family business was founded as early as 1825. The almost 200-year history of the company was determined by 8 generations of the Roger family. Each generation has contributed to the company’s extraordinarily successful history. Today, the team consists of about 40 professionals who are justifiably proud of their company. All of them are united by a passion for the craft of painting and plastering. But everyone is also aware that for successful further development, current challenges must always be mastered and the signs of the times must be recognized.

High qualification, competence and consistent implementation have always been the recipe for success of Veiner Weissert. Therefore it is for the company boss Gil Roger also logical consequence to belong to the mark networks lime child and MALERISCHE WOHNIDEEN. For him, it’s one unit and belongs together. Because only when fantastic interior design also results in healthy living spaces, the result becomes the perfect experience. For those who created it and for those who get to enjoy it afterwards. This gives the customer the greatest possible added value. The photos give a small impression how the team Veiner Weissert with beautiful surfaces from the natural lime materials of KalkKind and the Glamora surfaces of MALERISCHEN WOHNIDEEN inspires their customers.

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