Photo color variety with lime plasters

A blaze of color that only nature can offer us

Colors of nature: For an excellent and soothing color scheme.

Natural color pigments, colored earths as nature offers them, give the surfaces an incomparable color effect. Natural, purely mineral color pigments underline the authentic character and charm of the sump lime surfaces.

The KalkKind materials are made from around 40 different pigment colors KalkKind-Color collection colored.
The focus of the KalkKind-Color collection is on the color pigments of the “colored earths”. Colorful earths are mineral rocks that come in a wide variety of colors.

Yellow and red ocher and umber from Italy are used. We use red ocher and various umber from French sources. The Tyrolean green earth comes from Tyrol. Of course, the KalkKind-Color collection also includes the colorful soil from Germany. Of course, Westerwald ocher, Odenwald red ocher, Rhenish red and green earth and Palatinate ocher are part of the range.

What makes the use of these color pigments so attractive today is the fact that they visually bring buildings, rooms and objects back into harmony with the natural world. These colors have a powerful effect on humans. For example, yellow ocher in the peat lime feel-good plaster achieves excellent cream and soft yellow tones, which the eye perceives as pleasant and which the enormous abundance of yellow synthetic colors cannot withstand.

The fact that we perceive earth pigments as natural coloring is due to the fact that humans have developed around the colors of the natural world such as plants, sea, sky and rocks. Our optical relation to nature is established by the retina and the visual cortex, which have adapted to the special light frequencies of our natural environment in the course of evolution.

KalkKind-Color with historical color pigments

The KalkKind-Color pigment series contains earth pigments, which are considered the historical basis of all pigments. Already in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC They were used. They were also part of the color palette of the Romans, as well as the medieval church painters, the folk building painters of the 18th century and even the early 20th century.

These pigments are the key to sustainable, natural interior color design. KalkKind attaches great importance to the natural mineral colored powders for modern, decorative wall design. The use of these color pigments increases the incomparable depth and brilliance of the designed surfaces. The range of color variants that result from the around 40 pigment colors is almost unlimited. Because all color pigments can be mixed with one another.

In addition, the colored lime materials can be processed “wet on wet” in multiple colors. With this technique, incomparable unique decorative surfaces are created. If the color pigments are also used for beautiful and interesting lime glaze techniques, there are no longer any limits to creative and sustainable color design.

Continuously colored lime surfaces are forgiving of scratches and signs of wear. These are perceived as a contemporary patina.

These surfaces impress with their depth. Sometimes they look stimulatingly fresh, sometimes elegant, sometimes they show a slight tendency towards the extravagant or they give the room a touch of theatricality.

But they always look noble.

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