Part I: healthy living in demand in China

Swamp limestone on the way to Beijing ...

Finally, the shipping routes to China can be safely driven frost-free again and the KalkKind sump lime materials can begin their journey to the Middle Country. The air pollution in the mega-metropolises of China is increasingly regarded by the population as one of the biggest environmental problems of the huge country.

Environmental and health awareness among the population is growing in China like hardly any other country. Many residents of the megacities fear for their health and the health of their children. Healthy living is becoming more and more of an issue.

There is strong interest in building materials that significantly improve the air we breathe indoors. The sales partners in Beijing rely on the sump lime surfaces because the practical studies confirm a more than significant improvement in the quality of the breathing air indoors by up to 90%. There were no comparable materials in China either.

A 100% full declaration is highly valued and required by the sales partners! Because more and more critical customers want to know what they are bringing into their four walls.
For impressively beautiful surfaces, maximum product transparency and the best indoor air quality, the effort is obviously worth it KalkKind premium products – Made in Germany to bring over 10,000 km to China.

KalkKind in Beijing!

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