Part II: Limestone seminar in Beijing

KalkKind experts ...

The KalkKind training team (Safina Rehberger Marketing and Design, Anatoli Bublik technical director and lecturer at the KalkKind Academy, Peter Rehberger managing director and training director) covered around 8,000 km for the longest journey to hold a KalkKind Academy seminar. Venue: The capital of China. In the luggage: 2 pallets full of lime plasters, adhesive bridge, smoothness, soap and lots of color pigments.

Most of the seminar participants also had to take the air because they were traveling to Beijing from the major cities in China. The Chinese sales partners invited 30 of their best craftsmen from all over the country to practical training.

The attending participants were highly motivated and interested skilled craftsmen who want to know how it works to create such a large variety of fascinatingly beautiful surfaces from our lime materials.

User training with a high expectation factor

What made the seminar particularly exciting was a very special additional requirement. The results of the practical training were planned as exhibition space for the trade fair and media conference in Beijing the following weekend.

34 transportable, rollable sample walls with a total area of 110 m² were available in the training room. During the training, these walls should be perfectly designed for the trade fair presentation with 15 different structures and a wide variety of colors. And they did. Although none of the trainees had ever used lime materials for the surface design before. Every single sample wall was impressive.

What was designed here in the 4 days of training under the guidance of the lecturers of the KalkKind Academy was worthy of a presentation. The participants could be proud of the results.

The desire for knowledge overcomes language barriers

A fascinating, very lasting experience was the communication between lecturers and students. The lecturers spoke no Chinese and the course participants did not speak German or English. There was a translator available who did her best but couldn’t work on 34 wall surfaces at the same time.

The high motivation, thirst for knowledge and concentration of the participants made it possible for a common “language” that everyone understood to be practiced and successfully implemented. An understanding of showing and demonstrating, having people copied and correcting, of gestures and facial expressions, with hand signals, touching and laughing again and again. Suddenly it is understood what the other asks and says even though you have no idea of the mutual language. An impressive experience.

There were a lot of really good craftsmen among the participants. Many of them could have been imagined as dear colleagues on the construction site. It was a great moment to hand over their certificate to the first trained KalkKind craftsmen in China. They proudly called themselves the first Kalkkinder in China.

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