Part IV: Visit to a trade fair in Beijing

Limestone at a fair in China's capital ...

The China National Convention Center is located directly at the Olympic Park next to the Olympic Stadium. The conference and exhibition center opened in 2009. Today it is one of the hottest event addresses for trade fairs and congresses in Beijing. As part of a construction fair, the KalkKind sales partner will be presenting its services on the subject of healthy living on an area of 300 m². The focus is on the presentation of the KalkKind brand and a ventilation system from another German brand partner.

The interest of the trade fair visitors in the KalkKind surfaces was enormous. The interior designers who attended the KalkKind Academy seminar the day before were involved and advised their customers on the design options and the effects of the lime surfaces.

The critical attitude that was initially noticeable among the designers was also noticeable among many end customers. The trade fair visitors are ready to dig deeper into their pockets for healthy living and clean breathing air in their four walls. But they don’t want advertising promises that cannot be kept afterwards.

In addition to the look, which caused enthusiasm among trade fair visitors in Beijing, there were two main arguments that also convinced the most critical customers. On the one hand, there were the practical studies with the evidence that these surfaces that are being admired and felt with the hands reduce up to 90% of the problematic substances from the air we breathe indoors. And on the other hand, it was the comprehensive product transparency with 100% full declaration for the KalkKind premium products that the critical consumer places trust.

Media conference for the KalkKind market launch

The highlight of the fair was the media conference. The press and media representatives were invited to provide information on the subject of healthy living and the products newly introduced in China with the effect of improving indoor air. 4 television channels broadcast the media conference.

Peter Rehberger presented the KalkKind products in his 30-minute lecture. Whereby he described the mode of action, the areas of application and design options. The media representatives pay a lot of attention to the question of which arguments speak for the fact that Kalkkind products can be trusted.

The statements on product transparency with 100% full declaration and verifiability of the claims were then also met with strong applause.

After the media conference, the rush at the booth was incredible. It was good that the most important arguments were summarized in Chinese in the KalkKind folder, which the visitors were happy to take away with them.

Many thanks to the sales partners in China

The sales partners did not fail to introduce the Kalkkind premium products on the Chinese market. Whether it was about the organization of the training courses, the preparation, advertising and implementation of the trade fair or the handling of the media conference. Everything was prepared in a highly professional manner.

The support of the training team also left nothing to be desired. The Chinese have probably deleted the words “does not work” from their vocabulary. Thank you for your excellent support.

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