Part III: Limestone for designers in Beijing

Healthy living with slaked lime is popular in Beijing ...

After the craftsmen left, around 30 top designers took their places in the hall. You are one of Beijing’s well-known interior designers. Advice, design and planning of the complete interior design of high-quality residential and commercial buildings is their task, which they implement with passion and success. The designers see it as a necessary and highly interesting challenge to achieve this in the future with the result of the best indoor air values.

Accordingly, intensive discussions were held during the seminar in which the interior designers were instructed about the properties, advantages and design options of the sump lime surfaces. That was where it got down to business. The lecturers are seldom confronted with so many critical questions. A young designer put it in a nutshell: “We have an excellent reputation in Beijing. If we promise our customers something, we have to be able to keep it. With KalkKind we could offer our customers something very special. But it has to work. Convince us. “

Anyone who knows the lecturers at the KalkKind Academy knows that they love the most critical questions. That is why they did not answer any questions. All the designers who were present promptly announced that they would be there at the fair in order to be able to present the KalkKind surfaces to their customers.

40 men lend a hand

Just in time for the end of the seminar, a group of 40 men began to remove the designed exhibition walls. Each individual frame weighed over 200 kilograms. That’s why the boys had to touch them with their white gloves and still treated the walls like raw eggs.

Using a forklift, the racks were gradually placed on trucks with open flatbeds. Neatly lashed and secured against tipping over, it was transported to the exhibition hall in a two-hour drive. The 300 m² exhibition stand of the KalkKind sales partner will be set up there overnight.

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